It's the kid in me that draws me to the Royal Show every few years. The nostalgia is very strong with me. Sadly most of the old school pavilions and cattle yards and the like are long gone, yet it still has its own charm. Had an awesome 6 hours there yesterday...

Chair Spin
All sizes
visiting the cattle yards
show time
jumped on the chair lift, which is not a great idea for someone like me who doesn't really enjoy heights
Sideshow Alley
looking over at sideshow alley
Chair Lift
just a boy ridin along with a rasta banana
end of the ride
Big Prizes
old school banner above this stall
Fairy Floss
it's always the best when it gets dark
Python Loop


Anonymous said…
How many show bags did you buy me.
The licorice one is still my favourite. Yours used to be the Freddo Frog and Mills and Wares bag.
Ah!!! happy days
stu said…
I bought you 4 however I then ate them. Bertie Beetle now replaces the Freddo Frog one and sadly the Mills and Wares one no longer exists, nor do Mills and Wares for that matter :(
Anonymous said…
I don't mind Stu, as long as you enj oyed them. Did you remember to buy a bag of doughnuts on your way out, to eat in the car on the way home? You could always manage to eat 3 before we arrived home. Better get of the memory road. xoxo Mum
stu said…
Bit sick from chocolate lol

I managed to eat 3 hot cinnamon donuts while I was in there, too hard when I'm driving :)
Gregoryno6 said…
I've got a real story about working at the Show and a fake story about working at the Show. Which would you like to hear?
stu said…
Clearly both :)
Gregoryno6 said…
Sorry, I got distracted and forgot I'd made this offer.
Real Story: working on a stand for a local tree planting group one year. Selling cute little saplings.
A lady wants to buy a couple and asks if I have a bag. I reach into one of those cloth tubes people use for hoarding plastic shopping bags.
What I pull out is not a plain white or grey or blue bag - it's a bag from Barbarella's.
I hesitate, wondering how the hell it got in there. The woman looks over my shoulder, sees the big bold Barbarella's brand, and says 'Don't worry! I'll be okay!'
Fake story: another year, I got a job in the amusement alley, but I had to quit after just half a day. Those ping pong balls gave me the worst indigestion...
stu said…
Hahahaha love em both :)