Regular viewers will know how much of a fan I am of Kyle Hughes Odgers art, some of you will remember him by his old nic Creepy. Usually I'm posting pics of his street art pieces but this one is a bit different. It's also around a year old by now, it's just that I haven't managed to ever get there to grab some shots of it. I do however drive past it every morning on the way to work and keep telling myself to GO DO IT!

Anyhoo here it is, a most awesome installation at 1006 Hay St, Perth for DMG architects. It's a 6m x 40m stainless steel perforated screen. It runs along the lower western and northern walls of this building on the corner of Hay and Elder Streets in the city, just down from the Barracks Arch. Look to your left next time you're driving south on the Freeway just before the Hay St overpass.

1006 Hay St
Details 1