So it seems that Perth is an apocalyptic zombie wasteland at 7am on a Sunday morning

I mean all it needs is Rick from The Walking Dead riding his horse down this street, amiright?


Not a single person walking the streets with me

Ok so maybe no actual zombies but I did see these zombie crows eating polystyrene
... ok just normal crows, but they were angry


Gregoryno6 said…
It's not the absence of people in those photos that creeps me out. It's the absence of litter.
Sunday morning, and not even one beer bottle smashed on the footpath or rolling about in the gutter. Since when?
stu said…
I put that down to the crows :)
Anonymous said…
As a foreigner, I have always found Perth desolate. Where are all the 2m people hiding?
stu said…
Perth is just so spread out which makes it look like there's nobody here. I drove up to Joondalup yesterday, so big and no longer the end of the city either, it just keeps on going.