THE HOOD # 300

And the walls came tumbling down

There used to be a cinema in Fremantle along Adelaide St, I vaguely remember it. Last week that building was torn down, no great loss, it was an ugly building with no redeeming architectural features whatsoever. Standard 70's quick brown brick pop up stuff - note that I do like 70's architecture. What is sad is the lane way wall at the back of it that had some cool pieces by Sofles, Hosae, Social Club and Fintan Magee (to name a few) on it, now crumbled under the wrecking ball.

Also I just noticed that this is the 300th blog post in this series (The Hood) sad that it has to be about the destruction of the old and not the usual celebration of the new.

It Begins
Fintan Magee
Hosae - photo courtesy of Perthstart
Social Club - photo courtesy of Perthstart