This just in: I am moving from my lifelong home of Perth. So many things have changed in my life in the past year and as a result I am off, scarping, shootin through, outta here. I should resurface on the east coast around mid December. Surprise destination (not all that exotic) to be revealed then.


This has meant that the most unpleasant task of packing is now upon me, so much to do, life eh? On the weekend I had to dismantle my most awesome pin up board. 14 years in the making, so many memories, so many god damn pins ... ouch. It truly was a magnificent creation. People were known to kneel before its magnificence in unadulterated awe. So many memories in one space and I unearthed some great stuff under the layers as it came apart...

Photobooths of the ages
Luscious Linda
Luscious Linda
Waz clinging
Lulu and Art
Lulu and the art of Oliver
Karks project
Kark's architecture project
Vespas in Roma
Lulu calls it as she sees it
I had no idea this was on there, it always made me chuckle
Good times


Gregoryno6 said…
Perth's loss, is all I can say.
Thanks for an interesting view of the city, Stu. Your pics of Old Perth are greatly appreciated. I hope a few of our younger citizens look over them and gain some appreciation of what's been lost.
stu said…
Cheers man :) I still have a fair few to post so will no doubt keep em coming from the east coast. YeLPar will survive ;)