So this blog is actually 10 years old today, who knew I would still be blogging 10 years later. I can't believe I've had that much crap to talk about. I just had a look at the first few posts, you can see them here, oh man how this blog has changed over the years. I guess it was truly find your feet time in that first year. So I'd like to thank... no I wouldn't, nothing worse than a blog post blowing it's own trumpet about it's own blog posts. So I'll just post some stupid birthday photos (vintage of course) and get back to doing what I was doing before I got the reminder to post something deep and meaningful on the anniversary. I think this is deep enough don't you. Although... thanks for the comments and the follows and the chats we've had over the past decade. Onward to 2025 then, let's make it 20 if we can.


Irishman said…
hey hey, congrats and happy birthday to the blog!
stu said…
Thanks man, seems like only yesterday... no it doesn't ;)