I'm utilising my current period of downtime (read not employed) to digitise my photo albums. Yeah exciting stuff huh?! But I've always been nervous of losing my photos and I figure digitising them will prevent that. Back in 88 I did my first ever trip overseas, to Europe and the UK. I think I'll start sharing some of the better photos on here, beginning with these. Prepare yourself for eighties quality film stock, although it does have a certain charm.
These are some shots of and around a B&B we stayed at near Inverness in Scotland. The owners told us it was once a hunting lodge on the estate of the Prince of Wales (the Queen Victoria version). They were a formidable red headed Scottish couple. He barely said a word, but he seemed busy all the time doing stuff like lifting tractors with his left hand and changing the tyres with the other. She was a serious piece of work. I barely understood her as her accent was so thick.
The colours of Scotland in winter are incredible
It was cold and snowing and a full cooked breakfast was in order. Out it came, the girls were given 1 x egg, 1 x sausage, 1 x kipper, 1 x bacon, 1 x grilled tomato etc etc and I was given 2 x everything. We sat there looking at each other trying not to laugh. No doubt the size of orders based on the sex of the individual was influenced by her husbands eating habits. Men needed more cos of all the wee tractors they had to lift.
Ben Nevis
Ben Nevis
A village near our lodge
Scotland Trip
Vicki, Nells, me and photo by Flora