This shot comes from the Chicago race riot of 1919. Quite a violent and unhappy period for all concerned. There's two things that struck me about this photo. Firstly the discussion/stand off between the two soldiers. One is African American and the other White American. The guy on the left has rank whilst the guy on the right seems not to. However the guy on right has a rifle with a very long bayonet, so I wonder how much rank even counted at that moment. I'd be curious to see if an African American could outrank a white soldier back in 1919, gun or no gun, anyway.

Secondly, and I know you see him, check out the swagger on the lil guy on the far right. That dude knew the photo was being taken and made sure he had it goin on. Love it.

Edit: Okay I found out some more info, the dude with the rifle is possibly state militia and not regular army so question of rank is probably voided. I stand to be corrected