THE HOOD # 304

Jeebus, 303 "The Hood" posts up till now. In case you haven't been following closely I mostly title street art posts on here under The Hood. Three hundred and three is a whole lot of street art and for the most part it's been Perth stuff. Well natch that has to now change being as I now reside in Ballarat. I'll be honest, it's been much harder finding stuff here, the scene is no where near as prolific as it is in Perth... but it does exist. You just have to look harder. So without any further ado I give you episode 304, aka the first ever Ballarat The Hood experience...

Okay so it's feature artist time and this round goes to a local artist who goes by the nick Cax One. For full disclosure I should state up front that I am related to Cax, he's my partners brother. So yeah I'm possibly gonna favour him ever so slightly cos of that, but to be fair, it's because he does some fine craft...

Wu Tang Clan
This piece in particular, it's a year or so old now and has some wear and tear but man this is the business. Wu Tang Clan
Cax One
You might recognise Cax's style as I've posted his stuff on here before. Hit the Cax One tag below for previous offers 
Detail from collab wall in Wendouree, Ballarat with @cax_one @tymeproductions (Bide) and Vanoe. Whole wall was just too damn big for Instagram.
This is part of a larger collab wall with Bide and Vanoe