WARNING: The following images contain vintage cars and some images may offend those who do not like cars because this post is cars and nothing but cars OMG so many cars cars CARS!

Okay, seems that up until yesterday I didn't quite realise how much I loved vintage cars, vintage American cars mostly. I'd seen these sorts of cars before, one here, one there but never so many together and there's just something about putting ALL THE CARS in one place that made me decide that yes I do indeed love vintage American (and some Australian) cars. It's not the engines or the torque or the whatever, it's completely the design aspect, such lines, many wow. So, I kinda took lots of pics, so many that they wont all fit into a single blog post, but they do fit into a single Flickr album.

The event was the annual Ballarat Beat Rockabilly Festival which I haven't exactly been paying a lot of attention to (the shows and all) because I suddenly got hung up in my new found passion for vintage cars. Maybe today I'll check out some of the other stuff or maybe, you know, more cars. Alternatively you can check out my girls shots of all things pin-up and rockabilly over at her Flickr album, she is an official blogger for the event and takes rad photos like this one...

Ballarat Beat 2015

You can check out Liana's blog posts of the event over at Finding Femme shortly

Okay car time

Fords and parasols
Chrysler & Chevy
Chrysler & Chevy
Surf Safari
Surf Safari
Interior Holden Ute
Holden Interior
Lydiard St
De Soto
Eldorado Rear
Checy Front
Chrysler Front
Bel Air Topless
Bel Air
Bel Air Interior
Bel Air Interior
Ford Fairlane Front
Ford Fairline
So many cars, the entire length of Lydiard St
Thunderbird Interior
T Bird Interior
White Walls
Reflected in the Whitewalls


Gregoryno6 said…
The next sound you hear will be a squeal of Californian delight when my pin up friend Gina Elise sees this post.
stu said…
Hahah that was loud!