I've been in Ballarat for almost two months now, having moved over from Perth. I'm assimilating well, however I have noticed many things in this land that are not what I am used to...

  • There are more roundabouts here per sq/m than I have ever seen anywhere else. This is not a bad thing, merely an observation. So very many. 
  • Just like Perth, people in Ballarat don't know how to use roundabouts.
  • In fact I used to agree with people who complained that Perth drivers were awful, worse than anywhere else even. I now disagree with that point of view. People are shit drivers everywhere, it doesn't matter what the geographical location is they're just shit.
  • For the most part people angle park in Ballarat. I am okay with this, especially with the wide streets they have here
  • Road rage doesn't really exist here, mostly because if you were to abuse someone "Perth Style" you are highly likely to have one of the following occur
  1.  be related to them or they be related to someone you know 
  2.  know them personally
  3.  bump into them moments later at the shops
  4.  have them turn up at your next BBQ
  • Tuesdays in Ballarat is "Free Boards" day. I know this because every Tuesday a person parks their vehicle an trailer across the road from my house and gives away free boards. I know not where this endless supply of boards comes from, nor what the throngs of people who take them do with these boards. I feel it's better I don't ask and I just accept it for what it is. Free stuff. I am yet to take a free board myself.
  • Summer doesn't really exist in Ballarat. It's February and I have been wearing a jumper every 3rd day since before Xmas. We have two doonas on our bed and I seriously contemplated getting out the fleecy sheets last week.
  • Dry cleaning is more expensive here than in Perth.
  • There is fruit growing everywhere, my local bike path has apples and plums growing wild all along it. Taste great too. < this wild fruit thing is just awesome.
  • Beer is cheaper than in Perth (but where isn't?)
  • Ballarat has some god awful seventies and eighties buildings that would put the worst of the same that Perth has to offer to shame.
  • Ballarat has so many stunning heritage buildings it shames Perth with what Perth has pulled down. God damn this town is gorgeous.
  • The road / bike lane system is approx 1215 times better than Perth's version (does Perth even have a version?) As a result i've taken up riding again, to stay healthy, but also because I feel 10 times safer here.
  • There isn't much obvious street art here in Ballarat, it's here, but you really have to search it out. Fortunately I like creepin around lane ways with my camera.
  • A lot of things don't open on Mondays, from Restaurants to the Fresh Fish Shop. 
  • Supermarkets are open to Midnight (come on Perth even Ballarat burns you on this).
  • There is one thing that Ballarat has that almost matches the roundabouts in number, that's churches. So many churches, stunning churches too, but just so many. Locals tell me that most have nobody going to them. So I'm not sure how they all survive
I'm sure there are many more things that I just can't remember right now or that I will discover in the coming months, which is why I'm numbering this post, stay tuned.


sarah toa said…
Love this - a tale of two cities.
A word on roundabouts and stateless drivers, I come from south of Perth where there are probably more roundabouts than Ballarat (just sayin'). Got pulled over by cops doing 'roundabout education' on the main street in my mum's ute that was well on it's way to being a paddock basher.
"You didn't indicate left to exit the roundabout," he said.
"I did! I always do. I grew up here. Mate, this is my roundabout heartland."

It was only when I got home that I looked at the car and realised the whole front end had been ripped off and the indicators didn't even exist.

Perth drivers are really aggro. We could never get away with that kind of abuse because, yes, they will always be at the next bbq.

Ballarat is a beautiful town. Happy relocation!
stu said…
Haha, awesome. I will challenge you on the roundabouts per sq/km though, i've seen South Perth's lot and they're impressive but I think Ballarat may slightly win lol. Maybe not in total but definitely in density
sarah toa said…
When I wrote 'south of Perth' I really meant 400km south of Perth, not South Perth.

The town council's plan at the time was to smash the winkling idea of traffic lights. And so now we have roundabouts. Actually, I'm sure it was reported somewhere that Albany has more of them per square kilometre than, like, anywhere.
(Not that sure really)

Anyway, I will up you three roundabouts and a smashed indicator light, sir.
stu said…
Aaah yes, sorry misread that. Lets just go with Albany wins the west coast and Ballarat wins the east coast lol