It seems I was destined to focus on space these past few days. Yesterday one of my childhood heroes passed away. Mr Spock aka Leonard Nimoy. I'm unashamedly a Trekker (Trekkies are the nerds, lets get that straight from the get go), I loved the original Star Trek as a kid and was absolutely hooked on The Next Generation and Voyager, I didn't really get into Deep Space Nine and Enterprise was gone faster than you could say "Engage". So I was pretty sad to hear he had passed away, but to be fair if anyone had managed to live long and prosper it was Leonard Nimoy. So a small tribute is necessary and I think that can be best done with these photos that i've collected over the years..

On the Enterprise bridge with his son Adam
With Gene Roddenberry
with Peter Falk
On the banks of the Charles river Boston 1948 (top right)
So long Leonard
Prior to this I also happened to visit the Ballarat Observatory last Thursday night, primarily to listen to a one hour lecture explaining string theory (you know, as you do) which was then followed by a telescope viewing. This I have to say was a most cool thing to do, we got to take a peak at the moon, which we snapped a photo of by putting the phone up to the lens and it worked pretty well (photo below). We also saw a few nebulas, various stars and Jupiter. Seeing Jupiter and four of its 67 moons was completely awesome. That takes my tally of planets viewed to three, the others being Mars and Saturn. 

Note the long deep gauge (lower right), that's what happens when an asteroid skids across the moons surface
So yeah, a lot of outer space in my life these past few days and a telescope is possibly as far as I will ever "boldly go" into space, but I can honestly say that Star Trek and Spock and Kirk and all the rest are one of the reasons I look up from time to time.