Yesterday I baked a cake from a recipe from 1952. I like finding old recipes and recreating them. Often these dishes wont have been cooked by many people in decades, they simply aren't fashionable any more. Cake and dessert recipes are big in this category, so when I discovered this one on tumblr I was really keen to give it a go.

Post baking I can see why this one fell out of fashion, the recipe calls for half a kilo of sugar in total. Those who are calorie counting or have diabetes need not partake in this cake. The "shadow frosting" was a soft fondant like concoction that shone brighter than the sun, which is to be expected when you consist entirely of egg whites and sugar syrup.

I think it's the small thrill of tasting a particular flavour that hasn't been tasted by many in decades that gets me excited about making these things. This one wasn't anything special as far as new or rare flavours go but it was fun to make and a good cake base that seemed pretty fool proof. I'd probably just ice it slightly healthier next time... but then it wouldn't be an authentic shadow cake then would it?!

only costs 72c too
I think I nailed it, maybe even improved the finished look a bit