Beaufort St

It might be the hay fever that's causing me not to be able to study, which in turn is making me feel glum, which leads to homesickness, which makes me do this blog post in an attempt to cure that, which fails and makes me more homesick. BUT, you get these cool vintage photos of Beaufort St as it cut it's way through my old village, Mount Lawley/Highgate/Inglewood as a result...

Beaufort St, this is what the Planet Video Store and Planet Book store once looked like, now a Mexican take away
Queens Hotel (pre beer garden). Oh so many beverages have been consumed here over the years
The Astor Theatre, thankfully this still looks very much the same
I'd mention what these shops are used for now except they change hands so often, but you should recognise them, opposite  the Beaufort St Merchant
Once the R&I Bank, now a Dome Cafe
One of my fav haunts in the 80's, it now has an extension on the front and has been empty for years (last used as The Pony Club)
That bend in the road, Beaufort St Inglewood, complete with Trams

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Gregoryno6 said…
So much to ooh and aah over here! I am gobsmacked by the photo of the Astor. How could Beaufort Street ever have been so empty? It looks like a scene from On The Beach.

I worked in office supplies for a few years. Argus was a place that everyone in the industry spoke of with awe. The upper floor was an Aladdin's Cave of stationery. Stuff that nobody else had had on their shelves for years. Argus Man was himself a rare specimen, they say. Nobody ever went upstairs except by his personal invitation and everything was Not For Sale.
stu said…
Sounds like he had a lair lol