08 April 2015


Not mine, my girls, but thanks for almost commenting with a happy birthday... you know you were gonna right?! We took a trip up to Bendigo for a two day visit, passing through a few small towns on the way up and on the way back. This has resulted in more trips being planned because those small towns were mostly gorgeous and definitely warrant further investigation. All up we did a pile of stuff and saw some cool things...

Chooks 2
Mingled with some free range chooks out the back of the Bean & Barrow in Creswick
Magistrates CourtBendigo Magistrates Court
Admired some cool architecture in Bendigo
Saw a huge Cathedral
Rounded some corners
Crossed a bridge
Rosalind Park
Enjoyed some park life
Dodged a tram or two
Spotted some bats
Stayed in a funky hotel : The Schaller Studio
Bouchon 3
Ate some really good French Food
The Capital
Saw some Corinthian Columns
VW Camper
Visited a VW car show
The Imperial
And finished it off with a visit to the Imperial in Castlemain

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