It's ANZAC Day again, but this one's a bit extra special as it's the 100 year anniversary of the Gallipoli landings. We headed out into a cold and rainy morning to attend the Dawn Service here in Ballarat. Since then I've been thinking about my family and their service for this country throughout the years. So here's a little tribute to some of them. I don't know all of their records or where they served or even if they all survived, some certainly did one certainly did not, but I'm slowly researching them.

National Service
My father Richard (far left) and his fellow National Service buddies 1950's
Uncle Herb WW2
My Great Uncle Herbert who served in WW2 and lost his left forefinger as it was shot off in the Battle of El Alamein
Great Great
My Great Great Uncle Eric (WW1) Great Uncle Charles and my Great Great Aunt Christina 
nan and pop
My Grandad William aka Bill (WW1, France) with my Nanna Kathleen and my father Richard
My Great Uncle Charlie (WW2 Z Force, New Guinea) with my Great Aunty Jean
In the Army
My Great Uncle Charles (WW2) - that's him as a child 3 photos up
Thomas Smith death notice
Great Great Uncle Thomas (WW1) who was killed in action at 2pm on 10th August 1918, just  3 months before the war ended.