Some recent snaps from my Instagram feed which you can follow if you are so inclined by clicking here or it's over there on the right in the sidebar. No particular theme, mostly just random captures...

I was putting my scrap board back together (dismantled for the move east) and turned over some of the old postcards I had pinned on there to reveal stories of friends holidays past, one dating back 24 years
Ballarat has an awesome cupcake shop which I may have visited (did visit)
There's a few of these old vintage advertising signs around Ballarat, this one's on the wall of the Royal Oak Hotel and I discovered that the red nosed gent is called Ballarat Bertie
Completely in love with this font on an otherwise nondescript shop in Ballarat
Also in love with this fifties era deli in Alfredton, it hasn't changed a bit since it was built