As part of my quest to visit as many Victorian towns as possible, we road tripped into Queenscliff last Sunday. It's a pretty cool spot...

Main St
The main st
Vue Grand
The awesome looking Vue Brand Hotel
I think this is a private residence and if so... wow!
Ice cream
Also licorice ice cream was to be had


Gregoryno6 said…
I took the ferry across from Sorrento in 2005 to make my first visit to Queenscliff. It was like stepping back a few decades - and I mean that in a good way.
Even though it was summer the main street was relatively quiet. There may have been some restoration evident, but it was a stark contrast to the towns along the Mornington Peninsula. Not least Mornington itself, where the sleepy strip of the 70s has become a full-blown suburban shopping precinct.
I got talking with one of the locals, whose theory was that being off the main highway had kept Queenscliff safe from developers. It looks from your pics here Stu that location location location is still working for the better.
stu said…
uggghhh - takes Mornington Peninsula off the 'to visit' list