I've been crazy busy finishing uni assignments this month so i've neglected this place, I have a few things saved up to post so I'll get to it. I spotted this picture during my assignment procrastination moments (of which there were plenty) and it got me wondering what it was all about...

So a quick bit of research (I justified this as it was clearly aiding my research skills needed for the assignments) came up with the 'The 10 cent Beer Night', I think the name says it all doesn't it? If not have a read of the Wikipedia description of this event
Ten Cent Beer Night was a promotion held by Major League Baseball's Cleveland Indians during a game against the Texas Rangers at Cleveland Stadium on Tuesday, June 4, 1974. The idea behind the promotion was to attract more fans to the game by offering 12 U.S. fl oz (354.9 ml) cups of 3.2% beer for just 10 cents each (regular price was 65 cents) with a limit of six per purchase,[1] but with no limit on the number of purchases made during the game. During the game, fans became heavily intoxicated, culminating in a riot in the ninth inning which caused the game to be forfeited due to the crowd's uncontrollable rowdiness and because the game could not be resumed in a timely manner.
What could go wrong?

Good job!