"Let's go and ride the night tram"
"But it's below zero out there!"
Sometimes you gotta step outside your comfort zone, even if that zone is warm and toasty. So I did, and I'm glad I did, it was fun, cold fun but great fun. The trams stopped rolling through Ballarat in 1971, like most cities around this time, some even before, trams were considered antiquated and gotten rid of. Such a horrible horrible mistake. At least Melbourne had the foresight to keep them, sadly their old rolling stock is being phased out and the romance is going with them but the practicality remains. How I wish Perth had never gotten rid of theirs...

I digress, fortunately through the hard work of a bunch of enthusiast volunteers some trams remain in Ballarat. The track available is limited to a stretch by the lake but it's still pretty cool. They have a heap of trams, most in working order with some being rebuilt. They're even fixing up an old dining tram which they will hopefully roll out in a months time. So back to last night... it was the first fee for service night tram to run in Ballarat since 1971, a little bit of history that we got to be a part of, a very reasonable $4.00 fare and they even threw in crocheted rugs to warm our legs. It's only a little thing but Ballarat does some quirky cool stuff from time to time.

I was too busy geeking out to take photos so cheers to Liana for snapping some

The Number 33 rolls out of the depot
Crocheted warmth
There were actually 5 fire twirlers, I have no idea where they went
Our conductor gave us a brief history of the Ballarat trams during the ride
No electric switches here, the driver has to get out and manually switch the overhead cable, 
More crocheted toastiness
Getting an impromptu tour of the interior of the dining cart they are renovating
As well as the exterior