We decided on a whim to hit Melbourne town last weekend. Mostly to do a bit of shopping and also to catch the David Bowie is exhibition at ACMI. Well worth it if you get the chance. 

I also decided that I wanted to revisit Hosier Lane for the first time in almost 10 years. It was pretty cool back then, a few street art pieces along the walls, nice stuff, hardly known. Well that's all changed hasn't it? Wow, disappointing, you can hardly see the crappy street art (yeah it's mostly bad) through all the tourists. Such is the way of things I guess, especially with street art which is entirely fluid. I just mourn for the location I guess. Better stuff elsewhere these days.

That aside Melbourne's a pretty cool place, looking forward to exploring more over the years to come. Apologies for quality of pics to follow, I only had my phone with me...

Flinders St Station
Flinders St Station
Forum Theatre
The Forum, once a theatre/cinema now an awesome live gig venue
Presto in Hosier Lane
Melbourne 1942
Hosier Lane
Aforementioned tourist swarm in Hosier Lane
Degraves Lane action