For every successful glam/punk/metal band there were thousands of also rans, these are just a few of those thousands, if only their gimmick had been a touch better. Feast upon their magnificence...

I think I might have actually liked these guys, the next few not so much
"So we're thinking we'll run with a kind of Athenian warrior meets Darth Vader meets BDSM theme"
The rainbow KKK look was never really gonna catch on was it?
"When I met your father he had better hair than me"
Post metal new romantic punk?
Steve had asked for a part down the middle... actually I'm pretty sure Steve became a serial killer and the band never went anywhere after that
"Yeah but i've got these pants so I get to be the lead singer ok?"
More to come soon


Gregoryno6 said…
All worthy of a place in the Awkward Band and Musicians Photos Hall of Shame.
What happens to these people? My guess is that they start with the photos, which make even their mothers laugh uproariously. At that point they realise that being a dentist or an accountant isn't such a bad idea after all.
stu said…
Ha, I was gonna say they move into sales jobs and accountancy, lose their hair and grow pot bellies and try to hide these photos from their kids only to have them discovered by the same kids when they're teenagers and be pleasantly surprised when their kids tell em it's cool