Between 2002 and 2014 I worked and lived (half the year) in the Pilbara doing archaeological surveys and excavations. It was tough work, hot, sweaty and flies and hot and sweaty flies and it was also great fun. I got to wander around an ancient landscape and I got to see and discover things no white skinned city boy had seen before. It's was a pretty cool job. 

I guess I look back at it with greater fondness now than maybe I did at the time and these two videos by Dan Proud certainly help with that. Friends often asked me what the Pilbara was like and sure I took photos to show them and sometimes those photos even captured the beauty of the place, but nothing like these two incredible videos.

I know everyone of these hills, plains, rivers and trees. Well, I know some just like them. The Aboriginal guys I worked with during this time often talked of feeling a connection to the country and at first I didn't quite get what they meant. It didn't take long for that to happen to me too. I often think of the Pilbara, surprisingly of late when I butter my toast in the morning, I have no idea why then though. I miss it, not so much the flies though...

Best watched in full screen natch