Perth zoo, as it was. Not the modern zoo you see today. It was quite Victorian for some time, I even remember some of these cages and enclosures from when I was a kid in the late 70's. Glad it's changed, although I think they've kept a few of the old bits as old school examples and reused others in more suitable ways...

Let's start with the oldest
Original zoo entrance, 1898
Semi-trailer bus outside Perth Zoo, 1949
The old monkey cage, which I believe is still there, no monkeys though
I can't remember if this castle held penguins or guinea pigs
Sadly, this is how Tricia the elephant was held for quite a number of decades, no longer thankfully
bear dens
The final two photos were taken by me, the old Bear and I think (at one time) Wolf dens
Unfortunately I don't have credits for the rest of the photos, I collected most from the web a while ago and even then they weren't from original sources. So please just consider credit where credit is due.


PaulChau said…
It's hard to imagine animals in cages like that nowadays. Nothing more than glorified storage units rather than enclosures! I much prefer the ones we see now with a bit of greenery and realistic to actual habitats.
stu said…
100% Paul, looking forward to seeing how zoos continue to evolve too. I'm confidant it'll be for the better too.