A couple of years ago a good buddy of mine, Garry, introduced me to a very cool pod cast called Dave's Lounge. The music Dave plays is perfectly me. Chill out, trip hop and down tempo beats, pure aural bliss. Dave's Lounge is kind of awesome because you will get to hear music from artists you normally wouldn't hear from here in Oz, I've whined on about major labels and their inability to understand how people listen to and discover music these days before, so I wont bore you again with all that. But cool peeps like Dave are still bustin a nut to get this music out to us, so hats off to him for that, you righteous dude you.

Anyways Dave got married recently and his latest pod cast just happened to open with a cover of  the Stateless tune Bloodstream (which as you may have noticed in the side bar over there > is from my latest album purchase) by a newish artist called Kawehi (who I incidentally discovered via Dave's Lounge - see how it all works Big Label dudes!). Kawehi recorded it especially for their wedding, how cool is that?!

Congrat's on the wedding Dave and Melissa and keep the cool tunes coming, oh yeah and you guys reading this really should have a listen to and subscribe to Dave's Lounge right now. Link above or search on iTunes or soundcloud or google or yeah you know what to do.