Feeling a bit more homesick than usual this week, mostly because it was my birthday yesterday and that usually entails as a series of parties and events that became known as the Festival of Stu. That's on hold for the time being, so to ease my homesickness I asked a bunch of my pals on Facebook to snap and send me pictures of Perth's Jacaranda trees. Because they bloom in November I have always associate the purple flowers with my birthday. My pals did not fail me. Thus I now present to you the Jacaranda trees of Perth, oh and Adelaide, as snapped my my buddies.

Claire sent this one she took at my old campus, UWA
Kigsley snapped this opne in my old suburb of Mount Lawley
These two came from Hiedi
Kathie made sure Adelaide got to represent
Chris was shading under one at Parliament House
Cathy has this beauty in her back yard
There was a knock on my door yesterday afternoon and Laina's aunt Monica dropped off this fine collection of snaps she took in NSW two days ago along with some birthday love
Thanks everyone, you really perked me up