Last night was the last Tuck Truck Tuesday in down town Ballarat (for now). My newly adopted home town is a little backward in going forward and so it takes a while for things to stick or even arrive here. While the rest of the country has been embracing the Food Truck thing for years now, it's sort of only just now taken hold here. Sure they've had late night burger and pie floater carts for years, but actual nice food, well that's a new thing.

So the Tuck Truck Tuesday event down at Deakin Place has been a pretty cool thing to go to each week and for a big city boy like me a god damn fresh breath of air, I scored an awesome Chicken Banh Bao from the Lil Nom Nom truck and finished off with a tasty chicken taco from the Taco Truck. Oh so good to finally eat some descent food in this town (long story, for another blog post).

Also got to watch my girls brother, Cax One, spray a fresh piece on the side of the Pickles pop up bar...

Cax Spray
Cax One

good times