So a new restaurant is about to open in the old Planet Cafe building on Beaufort St. They're calling themselves Chapas, yep they're fusing Chinese food with Tapas. I know that right now you're asking yourself, "but that's Dim Sum isn't it?!". It's got me scratching my head, is this fusion gone nuts?

I am a fan of fusion food but I admit that this has me both intrigued and annoyed, so they're not off to a good start in my books. But they managed to grind my gears just that little bit more on the weekend, when I wandered past the back of the place and noticed that the awesome Nils Westergard piece of Hunter S Thompson painted at the back of the building...

Nils Westergard

... has literally been shelved


I'll most likely eat there when they open, but it's gonna have to be good to make up for all the other fails