My hometown of Perth never ceases to surprise me. Just when you think you've seen every good thing it has to offer you are presented with one you never knew existed. In this case it was a small secluded picnic spot down by the river in Mosman Park called Green Reserve. It's a bit of a twisted trek to get there but the reward is worth it...

Green Reserve
Green Reserve
Jetty 2

We were half way through our picnic dinner when a dolphin swam by. Not something you get to see a lot in the Swan River despite there being a permanent pod of them in the area. It made for a perfect moment for everyone there, including Billie the Heeler who I'm sure would have loved to have jumped in after it...
Looking back
Niall Lucy
Niall Lucy was an Australian writer and scholar who lived in Fremantle, he died of cancer at quite a young age and is the brother of Australian comedian Judith Lucy. This was stenciled onto a wall in the reserve.


Jez said…
Nice one Stu, well captured. For the sake of the historical record, and on behalf of all self-respecting Australian cattle dogs nation-wide, Billie is a heeler, not a kelpie.
Great to catch up, Happy NY!
Jez & Gen
stu said…
Hahaha I knew someone would correct me ;)
stu said…
oh and Happy NY to you guys too :)