I mean seriously, who knew I could babble on about crap on here for eleven whole years. Well as of two days ago it turns out that I could. YeLPar, this blog, this entity, this thing that catalogues and collates the details my life and has done so for the past decade and some, just turned eleven years old. So obligatory birthday post now follows.

It's taken me two whole days to think of what to write here and I still don't quite know what that should entail but I'm sure it will unfold as I go. Normally I have no problem with words to fill these pages but right now my life is going through a big upheaval. I find I am suddenly and very unexpectedly on an unplanned path, one that I have no idea in which direction it travels. Couple this with a whole lot of personal heartbreak and sadness over the past two months means that I am not myself. But i've been here before and no doubt I will be here again, but seriously I hope not cos this really sucks. A part of me is also excited by the prospects that lay ahead and no doubt much of that will unfold on here, so stay tuned.

Piece by Ero Sennin aka "The Ox King" for Loser Unit, Newcastle St, Perth

I think the thing that stands largest in my life right now is my friends, those amazing people that I have been so very lucky to have in my life over the past god knows how many years. They have been who i've turned to at times like these and everyone one of them, to a person, has come through for me. I honestly don't know how I would have coped these past few months without them and I seriously don't know how I will ever repay them. Love I guess, it's mostly free and they've covered me in it of late, so I guess i'll just have to pay that back in kind. But I feel that's a bit cheap because i'd give it to all of them anyway, but I know they'd just argue that it's a two way street and that I should just shut up and accept it. That''s what friends say and do, right?

Thank fuck for friends ... and dogs, dogs are very cool too, a whole other level of unconditional love right there. Once I get my life sorted and back on track and i've laid down some roots again, a dog of my own is definitely on the cards.

But right now I'm about to head overseas and get away from my life, as it is, here right now. Take a few weeks to regroup in my head, have a little fun, relax and de-stress. man have I stressed lately, I've even stressed over going away on a holiday to de-stress, that's some next level stress right there my friend. So I may or may not post much on here for that period, but hey I may find posting on here something I want to do, I mean i've been doing it for 11 years so it must be enjoyable right? I just don't know if I'll be turning on the internet all that much, we'll see. 


Anonymous said…

Travel safe and have a great time Stu.
Just relax and let the crap pass you by and hopefully the stress factor will be a thing of the past.
Take care and look after yourself. We will be thinking of you.
Lots of love always
Mum, Rick and Zoey.

By the way the dog idea sounds great xoxo