THE HOOD # 314

New Years Day edition: The old Learoyd St Deli

To be fair this now abandoned deli has nothing to do with new years day whatsoever, apart from the fact that I'm blogging about it on new years day. I had a very quiet new years eve this year, stayed home alone while my housemates all went out to a variety of parties. I just wasn't really feeling up to having a "forced to have good time" night. I have never really enjoyed NYE, it's one of those nights when everyone is desperate to have the best night of their life, because that's how it goes in the movies right? Yeah well not so much, I mean I've had some awesome new years eves but my heart really wasn't in it this year... oh man I'm sounding like a sad fucker aren't I? Let's just leave it with "I don't really enjoy new years eve as a rule" shall we.

Instead I sat at home with two puppies, who didn't really enjoy the fireworks at midnight all that much, and binged the entire 1st season of Vikings. Wow, why did I wait so long to start watchi ng this show? The second season is looking good too.

I've been doing a lot of photography since I got back to Perth, so much stuff street art wise to catch up on. Like the old deli on Walcott St that I hit up a few days ago. I think three artists have done sections of it, Fieldey, Jerome and Melski...

Learoyd Deli
Learoyd Side
Ham in Spam

Oh yeah, happy new year


The Ranga Vixen said…
Ooh, I love this one of Clark Gable but my favourite Fieldy is still the chick on the shark.

So funny to see this deli. I lived on Bradford St from 1970 - 1976 and my Nan & Pop lived on Walcott so we often swung by there. Ah, the memories.
stu said…
So sad to see the demise of the corner deli here in Perth :(
Erin said…
Hey there! Chris told me you're back in Perth :) I haven't been keeping up with blogs lately. It's nice to see you back, though! I love this piece. It started off with the Clark Gable piece and then spread around the building over a few weeks, iirc. Such a beautiful use of an abandoned old shop. Looking forward to seeing more pics from the hood :)
stu said…
Yeah back in Perth :)
I think we need to organise a drink or dinner catch up with Chris, you and a couple of others very soon :)