THE HOOD # 315

Laneway Collective in Mount Lawley

I've done a lot of street art posts of late I know but yowzers, tis the season amiright?! On Sunday there was a quick paint up for the Laneway Collective in the car park behind the Flying Scotsman. I'm not sure all the ten artists who were on the bill turned up, as there's only seven (I think) pieces up at the moment. I slipped past early in the morning and grabbed a few prelim shots, headed back inside in the heat of the day and grabbed some final shots this morning. Unfortunately there's a bunch of cars in front of some of them now so I couldn't get all the shots I wanted but I got a few..

Getting started
Clara Fosca and Brenton See
Fosca and See
Jenkins and Melski
Robert Jenkins and Melski
Finished pieces by Jenkins and Melski
James Giddy

Brenton See