I haven't done any real actual archaeology since April last year, so imagine my excitement when my housemate suddenly presents me with a small piece of old newspaper that he found under the house! Natch I had to know if there was anymore, I mean I needed a date. So some further investigation (mostly I sent him back under the house like a true assistant archaeologist) revealed even more sections of approximately 3 pages of the West Australian newspaper, all dated to Saturday, March 11th, 1961.

In 1961 John F Kennedy was president of the USA, Robert Menzies was the PM of Australia, the most popular movie of that year was The Absent Minded Professor and Chubby Checkers Pony Time was number 1 on the Billboard charts.

Meanwhile here in Perth, Western Australia, three people escaped a boat that exploded and sank near the North Mole and made it onto the front page.

Front page

The U.N was sending a plea to the Russians asking them not to explode a hydrogen bomb and I think expressing fear of nuclear debris drifting eastwards from Russia to the US and across the Great Lakes.

UN Bomb Plea

This one was extremely interesting, considering the recent terror attacks in Paris. This attack no doubt associated with the Algerian War of Independence (from France). Interesting that the assailant was described as a 'Moslem insurgent commando' in 1961, very different from how the attackers in Paris last year were described.

Also China looks to be ready to test its first nuclear weapon (that didn't actually happen until October 1964)


A brand new Triumph Herald Roadster could be yours for just £938. In the absence of email back then you need simply post in the coupon to obtain a test drive or the brochure.

Triumph Herald
A wonderful feature on a new immigrant to Australia. A Greek women named Maria Koulouri who upon arrival would be heading to meet her brother in Kalgoorlie. If anyone knows a Koulouri here in Perth make sure you point them towards this picture. They may be related.

Maria Koulouri

It would appear that the Great Northern Hotel in Geraldton were in need of both barmen and barmaids, in particular barmen who could kick a ball.


Oh how far we've come, back in 1961 you could make a career out of operating a calculator!

Calculator Operator

There's a few more bits over here in this Flickr album I made if you're interested