I wandered past this photo on tumblr recently and immediately scrolled back up to it. What or more importantly where was this building?

A bit of googling and I was soon ensconced in mid century France. A massive influx of post world war 2 migrants meant a huge building boom with the end result being some incredible modernist architecture. Entire suburbs of these stunning buildings which sadly are today mostly empty and decaying. Nobody really wants to live in them anymore and it's generally just the older original tenants that stay. But there is beauty in decay and some of these photos are just wonderful...

I seriously think the design crew for the Hunger Games movies visited these buildings to help them decide on their sets. 

For some extra reading I just found this link which contains a few of these photos and a story about the photographer Laurent Kronental who has been documenting the buildings for a few years now, so credit to them for some of these pics.