The Festival of Perth just keeps on throwing awesome stuff in my face, like last Saturday night's Thievery Corporation gig at the Festival Gardens on the new Elizabeth Quay (Note, the quay looks great, a bit sparse at the mo but i'm hoping/thinking it will grow over time). More on the quay at another time, back to this gig...


We managed to grab our usual spot at this venue, down the far left side and up against the front rail. it's a side on view of sorts but there's always more room to dance over there and to be honest the view is actually pretty fine, so is the sound

Lebanese Blonde 02

I've been listening to these guys for years now and they didn't disappoint, a great gig with Rob Myers and Hash Vyas belting it out up front on guitar, bass and sitar. Rob Garza up the back, no Eric Hilton in the house that night, not that I could see anyway and a variety of singers from Natalia Clavier through to Zeebo Steele of See-I and a few others thrown in. Six vocalists all up if I remember correctly.

Thievery Corp
Lebanese Blonde
Thievery Corp
Zeebo Steele of See-I
Rob Myers

Off to catch The Triffids at the same venue tonight