A bunch of us did a road trip out to New Norcia a couple of months ago. I've been there a few times, always a cool drive with great stuff to see. For the uninitiated New Norcia is a Benedictine Mission about 130 km north of Perth. It still operates today and the buildings are a 19th and 20th century time capsule.

During my previous visits I thought I'd seen all of the buildings and structures that were to be seen, how wrong I was. This time round we ventured out the back and discovered this...


I had no idea this was even there. Handball courts, now abandoned, they were used by the schoolboys who boarded at the mission. Quite a cool structure and I guess the only one of its kind in Western Australia, but I could easily be wrong, I mean up until now I didn't think there was even one set.

Boys playing handball on courts at St Ildephonsus College, New Norcia, ca.1920. Piv via State Library of WA
Courts 1 and 2
Courts 2 and 3

Court 3

I should poke my head around the back of things more often