I went along to his morning's ANZAC Day service at the Mount Lawley War Memorial with around 2000+ other people. So good to see everyone come out despite the rain. It was an 8 am start, I kind of prefer to go to a smaller service in the suburbs these days as the main dawn service at Kings Park has grown so large (that's a good thing) but I feel a bit disconnected to the service there, not so at the smaller ones.
Morley Army Cadets
The Morley Cadets waiting to form the guard of honour
I have no love of war, in fact I am extremely anti war, but I don't let this affect what I feel is a sense of duty to honour those who have had war forced upon them by either an oppressor or a politician. It wasn't their fault. I especially use ANZAC Day to honour those members of my family who served in the armed forces, I've posted about them before.
Then came the rain
The guard of honour in place
Now can we just stop killing each other? That'd be a really cool thing to do yeah.