I grew up with this show, kind of at the end of it's popularity and on it's umpteenth untold rerun, (hey I'm not that old) but it was a fav. I stumbled across these screenshots from a classic 1962 episode called Las Venus. I'm sure you can make the connection to it's current day counterpart. I seriously love the artwork from this era of cartoons...
George and Jane Jetson go on their honeymoon vacation in outer space to Las Venus and send Elroy, Judy to their grandma and Astro to play with the dogs at the Kennel. George and Jane spend their romantic time at the hotel in Las Venus gambling a little, they have fun until Mr. Spacely calls George on the video phone and asks him to setup a contract for General Rotors and meet the manager. George finds out it's a woman named Gigi Galaxy. When the dance contest starts at both of the hotels George must spend time between Jane and Gigi. When Mr. Spacely arrives things get more complicated for George and has to tell both Gigi and his wife Jane the truth.