I've blogged about a fair few abandoned theme parks over the years, but they've all been from overseas. So imagine how cool it was to discover we had our own right here in Perth, well Mandurah to be exact. I knew this park had existed, I drove past it a heap back in the 90's when we went on surf trips down to Melrose and Miami Beach. But I had no idea parts of it where still there until yesterday.

It was built in the 1980's, peaked in the 90's (if you could call it a peak) and was abandoned in the 00's. A road diversion signed it's death warrant, some would say it simply put it out of it's misery. I never visited so I can't judge, but what remains was cool to wander through and photograph...

Castle Rear
Castle side
all that really remains is this castle and...
Castle Burnt
The Australia Pool
...a pool in the shape of Australia
met these cool kids who had build a cement ramp in that old pool so they could skate in it, dudes after my own heart 
I had a tear in mah eye

the most apt piece of graff I found on the day

There was originally a heap more buildings on the site and a mini golf course, but they're all gone now and the remains are overgrown. However most awesomely I have found this video taken in 96, it shows the other stuff and even has peeps swimming in the pool. Most awesome indeed.

There's a bunch more photos in my Flickr album