Normally with this series I post some shots of old reused or even abandoned gas stations, sadly this one strays from that theme a bit.

Begin rant... Perth you get it wrong so so many times. How is this even possible and why is this a thing? Facadism is shit, no ifs not buts, just shit, especially when it's done this poorly. Incorporate if you must, I get progress, I get the cost of development and I get that land this close to the city is expensive, but why was only this section considered to be worth preserving? How is this a good decision? Just get out, get out of the room, don't even look back, I've nothing left to say to you, you're a disgrace. /rant

Some then and now
Williamsons Motor House Sml
whatever they build here I can't see how this is going to look good attached to it like an embryonic twin


Gregoryno6 said…
I'm about to go off the main topic here, but this crap is really irritating.
There's a house that sat empty on a street corner in Inglewood for several years. It became a hot spot for kids with spray cans (but sadly no artistic talent) and then one day the demolition team arrived.
They left without completing the job. Someone used the magic word 'Heritage', I hear, and a bureaucrat or a judge agreed. By that point though it was rather pointless. Bits of wall here, bits of wall there. And so it sat for a while more.
The builders arrived and the new residence is incorporating the remains of the old.
Where's the [deleted] heritage value in that?
When the job is finished the 'heritage' is going to be covered over in paint and concrete. And while I'm no engineer or architect, I can't see how the new place will be as structurally sound as one that was completely new from the ground up.
This job looks like some idiotic exercise in ticking boxes. As the old garage in Guildford Rd most likely is, too.
stu said…
You've pretty much summed up facadism and all that's wrong with it right there Gregory.
Gregoryno6 said…
Thanka for the opportunity to vent, Stu.
More or less on the same topic: Demo By Neglect continues to slowly disintegrate in Woodsome St - you can't miss it. The lady who lives next door says it's been rotting away for 13 years now and still no sign that anything will change.
stu said…
I could be wrong, but I think the Cty of Vincent passed a by law to prevent demo by neglect, hmmm maybe thats just wishful thinking. Wouldn't help Woodsome St anyway as Stirling I believe/