What can I say? Except yes, a thousand times yes. The band that gave us possibly the greatest album of the dying days of the 80's is back. Is this a good thing? I'm reading a heap of poor reviews for the first single All For One and some not as bad reviews for single number 2 Beautiful Thing. I hear what their saying, neither is earth shattering but did we really want a reinvented Stone Roses? I sure as hell don't, do what you do and as far as I'm concerned both songs are quality, Beautiful Thing is better than All For One, but they're both Stone Roses as I like my Stone Roses, Reni's drums, the wailing psychedelic guitars and Ian Brown out front.

See what you think, but play them both a few times before you decide

and what the hey, some old school while we're here

we've just got to do something about Mani's hair