I know I keep saying I'll blog more, that this is a temporary glitch due to me opening a new business and having not much spare time. But I can't see that changing anytime soon, so posts on here will be less frequent. But to be honest, even without the new venture I had dropped off on my regular updating quite some time ago. Why? I'm not sure really, I mean I want to keep blogging, I've been doing it for 11 and a half years. I see no need to stop, I don't want to stop, there I said it, I wont stop. I know a few people read my dribble and that's great, but it's never been about the audience (I do love both of you though, please send cash only), this blog has really just been my online diary and inadvertently the online diary of a lot of my friends. Their lives have unfolded on here as well and a few of them recognise that and use it for reference. My life has changed immeasurably over those years too, I think I have less to say these days or perhaps I'm just saying it elsewhere, I dunno. Even this is just dribble.

So that's that then, I'll keep bogging, that's confirmed. I just need to do it more often than once every 2 weeks or so.... Hmmm reading the previous sentence I can't help but think to the many blogs I've followed over the years who have made a post like this, where they've promised to blog more, "It's not all over, it'll keep going...". Does this mean I'm one of them now? Oh man, now I'm feeling sad, this isn't how it was supposed to end!

Anyway, here's wonderwall...


Gregoryno6 said…
Yes.... I know the feeling.
Too much time (in my instance) dropping comments on other blogs, not enough time spent working on my own.
It's easier to drop a witty reply and go.
stu said…
Hahaha I hear ya