Since I opened my shop in Inglewood I've come to realise that I am part of a change that is happening in this area. New businesses like mine are moving in, the strip is becoming a place that people want to visit, eat and shop in. Of course with the arrival of the new often the old is sacrificed. It's not happening on a large scale yet, but I thought I should slap on my urban archaeologist hat and start documenting some of the old stuff before it does go... if it does, who knows.



Gregoryno6 said…
I wouldn't mind those dreary office blocks going, except that they'd most likely be replaces by dreary apartments. Well, with Tenth and Beaufort and the Mode project canceled, residential building seems to be yesterday's hot item.
Alphaoz said…
he use to cut my hair as kid.
stu said…
:) That's so cool. Drove past this morning and there's still an Open sign in the window, but I think it's been closed for a while now, nobody turned the sign around