It's pretty much a one street town where the majority of the stores are closed or boarded up, but at one end of the main st there were a couple of gems. An old hole in the wall gas station and a Dairy King inside another old gas station. Despite its small stature, Commerce has a couple of claims to fame. Firstly it was the home town of the famous baseball player Mickey Mantle and secondly, Bonnie and Clyde killed one of Commerce's police officers in 1934.

This place is classic small town America and I loved it...

Commerce 01
An old Conoco Gas Station built out of a wall of the last building on the main st.
Commerce 05
Commerce 04
Dairy King 02
This was once a Marathon Co Gas Station and now run as an ice cream parlour
Dairy King 01
natch we had to have a sundae
The gas station back in the day
Commerce 03
The main st (Route 66) of Commerce, Oklahoma