Time to get back to blogging, the insanity that is Christmas retail is over and I seem to have spare time again. That's not good for my business but it's fine for blogging. 

I have so much to post from my trip to the states last September so here we go...

One of the things that my buddy Gaz is awesome at is working out where we should eat when we do these road trips. He hasn't once failed us with his choices and you know that when he says we're eating at a pie restaurant that there is little chance this would be the first ever fail. It was not a fail, it was friggen awesome. My arteries hated me but my taste buds loved the bejeebus out of me.
Pie Pano
Sure that T shirt was a little odd, but hey it's America, that aint the oddest T shirt you're gonna see today

The venue: A Slice of Pie in Rolla, Missouri.

The menu: Pie

So much pie, oh my sweet lordy was there pie. Now we kidded ourselves by having a slice of savoury pie first up, I think it was chicken pie, but who really cares. All we wanted to do was smash through that and get to the real target... one of those sweet sweet pastry pieces of heaven.
The menu, 20 pies plus others

There were 19 choices of pie available, 20 if you count the "No sugar" monstrosity they appear to have been obliged to provide. I mean who are you kidding? I'm sure the waitress would have just stared at you, mouth open, if you actually ordered that. They also had a bunch of cheesecakes, brownies and other cakes on offer but yeah, get those out of the way and let me at the PIE!!

The Pies
Their pies

Oh man, this pie was good, I have no idea what the other guys ordered but mine was this little slice of heaven, Raspberry and Rhubarb. 

My Pie
God bless America and all the pies that live in her.