All we wanted was some hiking boots and maybe some socks, what we found was... America!
Pro Bass
This is a shopping mall, it is called Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World and it's in Springfield Missouri and it is huge! I've never seen anything like it, 500,000 square feet of immersive shopping. Hunting, camping, fishing, hiking, you name it, they have the gear for it. 
I don't really know how to describe this place, other than to say it could easily be one of the "Lands" at Disneyland. It could sit right between Frontierland and Critter Country, "Welcome to Pro Bass Land kiddies, Mickey will be hard to spot here as he's wearing full camo hunting apparel
Not only was this place filled with all the equipment, clothing and guns an American outdoors person could ever need, it also had more stuffed animals than I could count. Deer, Bear, Polar Bear, Wolf, Buffalo, Elk, you name it. But wait there's more, they even have live animals, tortoises, fish and crocodiles on show and an actual waterfall. Oh and numerous ponds filled with living ducks and fish and anything else they could stuff in there.

Polar BearBear
It was kind of obscene but also fascinating, you seriously couldn't look away, you had to keep going, into the next section, a need to see what was around the corner, it never disappointed. 
The "Trail of Tears" statue, it felt a bit token in this place
Time for some, do not do it justice, photos...
InvisibleBed time
Hunting HallTactical Turtleneck
Posh guns 2Camo
AntlersCamo style
Crazy big
And now because of you we have a rule