The photography of Fredrick Flood (1881 - 1965). Flood was a photographer for the West Australian Newspaper with photos also featured in the Western Mail.

Things to note, the old shoreline in the first photo and the absence of the Narrows Bridge in the second photo, showing just the point. The size of the logs in the Manjimup photo, not much chance of seeing trees that thick down there anymore. Finally the verandah around the old mill, I never knew it had one until now.

I think all photos credited to SLWA (most anyway)
Perth from Kings Park, c1940's I think
The war memorial at Kings Park, seen from the Perth foreshore
Coming Alongside, Fremantle c. 1930's
Cows, South Perth Foreshore with Perth Buildings in the background c. 1930's
Manjimup Western Australia/, circa 1920
St Georges Tce, year unknown
Capitol Theatre (left) Embassy Ballroom (right), William Street, Perth c 1940. 
Old Mill, South Perth c. 1930's

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