One of the aims of our two Route 66 trips was to see and photograph as much cool/kitsch stuff as possible. So naturally the Muffler Men were high on that list. There are heaps of them across the United States and three to six (depending on who you listen to and whether they all qualify or not) of them still sit along Route 66. We managed to visit the three definite ones on the second leg of our trip...

Tall Paul
The Hot Dog holding Muffler Man Giant in Atlanta, Illinois
Hot Dog Giant
Muffler Man Giant

Lauterbach Man
The Giant Lauterbach Man at Lauterbach Service Center in Springfield, Illinois
Lauterbach Man
Muffler Man

Gemini Giant
The Gemini Giant in Wilmington, Illinois
Launching Pad
Gemini Giant
Gemini Muffler Man

So many across America and even a couple in Canada

The remaining three attributed to Route 66
Chicken Man in Highland Park, Los Angeles
 The Lumberjack in Flagstaff, Arizona
 The Harley Man in Livingston, Illinois, but he kinda looks a bit small