I love discovering things that happened that I had no idea had happened, like this...
Back in 1982, artist Agnes Denes converted two acres of land in Lower Manhattan into a wheat field. Her project, titled Wheatfield, a Confrontation, happened in the Battery Park City landfill, right under the gaze of the Twin Towers. The artist called it "an intrusion of the country into the metropolis, the world's richest real estate."
They planted two crops all up and harvested a thousand pounds of grain." The harvested grain then traveled to 28 cities in an exhibition called The International Art Show for the End of World Hunger, with the seeds then taken away by people who planted them all over the planet. Well let's hope so and let's hope they harvested that wheat and somebody got fed.
More pics here
A pretty cool thing to have seen in Manhattan though. This is Battery Park today...