The Pink Lady of Maibu by Lynne Seemayer 

Normally I don't have much of a story to go with a Random Image post. These are usually just images that I come across and they grab my attention for some reason or another. This one however made me very curious and as I looked into it I found a story that was too good not to pass on.

One Saturday morning, on October 29, 1966, a massive 60-foot-tall painting of a nude pink lady holding flowers suddenly appeared as you headed into the tunnel on Malibu Canyon Road. 
A 31-year-old paralegal from Northridge, a woman named Lynne Seemayer, showed up on the road and admitted that she was the artist who did the piece. 
Seemayer said that she was annoyed by the graffiti that was all over the canyon wall (“Valley Go Home” was a memorable slogan) and so, over a 10 month period, she started to secretly climb up under the moonlight and suspended herself by ropes to remove the graffiti. 
At 8 P. M. on October 28 Seemayer painted the Pink Lady using ordinary house paint. By dawn it was done. 

The artist: Lynne Seemayer - not a fan of graff

I did a bit more searching and discovered that the painting only lasted a week before authorities painted over it with brown paint. Cos that looks much better doesn't it, well, I suppose it was 1966.

A final sad discovery was that Lynne Seemayer passed away at the age of 81 in January this year